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  • World Class Training: Access to accelerated training, courses and resources as well as new ongoing monthly training & coaching with amazing special guest instructors sharing their success secrets.

  • Millionaire Mentors: Exclusive access to some of the greatest minds & entrepreneurs of today. Monthly special guest Millionaire Mentor webinars and more. 
  • eXtreme Accountability: Helping you create Clarity in your Goals. Keeping you on Track daily, with our latest  Accountability software & program. Helping you Create, Track and Achieve ALL your Goals.


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*The Rich Life Planner 2020

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The 2020 RICH LIFE PLANNER is uniquely designed to help you stay organized and aligned with your top goals, day in and day out.

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"The R.I.C.H. Pillars"

Our Community Focus


Rich Relationships

Cultivate rich relationships, both personally and professionally, through authentic conversations, intentional networking, and strategic goal setting around shared core values.


Income & Investments

Strategically scale your income and build long term wealth by increasing your financial literacy, implementing the right investing disciplines, and master your money mindset.


Contribution & Community

Elevate your inner circle and become a world-class leader through peer group masterminds, millionaire mentorship, and paying it forward by giving back to other like-minded individuals and causes.


Health Mastery

Unlock your greatest human potential, optimize your daily performance, and improve your mental, physical, and spiritual states by mastering the 5 health pillars of elite achievers.

If you are someone who is looking to level up your income, impact, and influence then its time to surround yourself with some of the most intentional entrepreneurs on the planet and join an accountability group. Based on your goals and expertise in your industry, you will be placed into one of our world class accountability groups with 5 other hand selected, top achievers who are looking to network, mastermind, and track goals on a weekly 60 minute video call. 
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New App For Tracking Your Goals

Our Newest system and mentorship program will keep you on track daily and when you don't mark your task completed, our Accountability system will Remind you via text & email that you have not checked in to mark your daily tasks as completed! "Keeping you on Track daily, Reminding you of your Goals when you're not! Not to mention, your mentor can monitor your progress and pop-in and check-up on you when your NOT getting things done. No more hiding in the dark thinking no one is watching your progress. 

Tech + Accountability = Extreme Accountability.

Our TOP Exclusive Memberships & Courses

"Just got another one in contract! Thank you, Matt Aitchison, for helping us in so many ways! Showing me the importance of systems and tracking has been a huge step for me and my business and PAYS OFF!! You're the man, Matt!"

Nick Sharp
Real Estate Investor

"I wanted to take a second and express my gratitude for this #6FF network, Matt. The success I'm seeing and the increasing level of conversations is nothing short of impressive. I'm learning a ton. Thanks!"

Brentin Hess
Real Estate Investor

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